Tab Preauthorization

Tab preauthorization is a function built into Lavu that allows users to authorize credit cards for a predetermined amount upon creation of a tab. The card itself may then be returned to the customer right away, with future payment of the bill guaranteed by the preauth stored in the POS. When the customer is ready to pay their tab, the preauthorization may be captured for the full balance from the Check Out screen without re-swiping the credit card.

Note: The amount for which all preauthorizations will be run (as well as other settings that affect tab preauth function) may be set in the Control Panel by managers with access to the Admin portal.

Tab preauths are most commonly used by bar locations, though any restaurant that incorporates the Tab Layout into their restaurant service workflow may benefit from preauthorized transactions.


1. From the Tab Layout, tap Create New Tab.


2. When the “Enter New Tab Name” dialog box appears, swipe the customer’s credit card.


3. Confirm the tab preauthorization when prompted.


4. The Tab Layout screen will move to the Order Screen upon successful preauthorization. With no items yet added, it will indicate that the order is “Overpaid” in the amount of the preauth.

Add items to the order as with any normal tab until the customer is ready to settle their bill.



1. Take the order to the Check Out Screen.


2. Tap the “PreAuth with Card” payment line in the order pad.


3. Select "PreAuth Capture".


4. Tap “Yes” to confirm the capture send for the full balance of the order.


5. A dialog box will affirm successful authorization capture. Tap "Continue".


A last dialog box will finalize the order checkout and allow it to auto-close.



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