Optional Modifiers (Frontend)

Optional Modifiers are used in the Lavu application Order Screen to Add, Remove, or designate item ingredients On the Side. 

Optional Modifiers are created in the Lavu Control Panel, then assigned to Menu Items/Categories.

The following steps demonstrate how to apply Optional Modifiers on the Lavu application:

1. Add an Item to the order.


2. Tap on the Item that has been placed on the Order.


3. The +/- option allows a user to increase/decrease the Item quantity.


4. The Keyboard allows a user to type in any notes for the Order.


5. From the below screen, a user can tap the Forced Modifier choice ("Vinaigrette"), and the original Forced Modifier list will appear.


6. This allows the user to change their initial Forced Modifier selection.  Choose a Forced Modifier, then Submit.


7. Tap an Optional Modifier to add to the Order.  If there is a price associated with the Optional Modifier (such as "Bacon" for $0.99), the price will be added to the order.


8. Select Plus then the Modifier, and this will also add a price.


9. Tap No then the Modifier, and this will NOT add or remove pricing from the Order.


10. Select Side then the Modifier, and this will NOT add or remove pricing from the Order.  (This option is meant to designate an ingredient/item already included in the order as "On the Side").

11.  Select Plus, Side, then the Optional Modifier, and this will add a price.  (This option is meant to Add a Side).

12.  Clear will clear the Optional Modifier choices from the Order.

13.  Once all modifications are complete, tap the Check Mark to return to the Order.

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