Server Handbook: Receipt Options

The Closed Orders section of the Lavu application allows users to manually Reprint, or Email a receipt to customers.  This can be used in situations where an order needs to be reopened, or for researching past orders.

Note: Though Closed Orders is used in the examples provided here, similar printing options are available from the Open Orders screen.


1. From the Quickserve, Tab Layout, or Table Layout, select Closed Orders. 


2. "All Closed Orders" will show all orders for the current business day. (The "business day" is determined by the Day Start/End Time).


3. "Your Closed Orders" will only show orders associated with the "Active Server" on the application.


By default, Closed Orders will display orders for the current business day. However, it is possible to locate, view and reprint orders from past dates. Closed Orders (as well as Open Orders) is searchable by a number of criteria.  

1b. From Closed Orders, tap the Lavu button.

2b. Select the desired search option from the list.


The available options are “Order # Search”, “Date/Contents Search” and “Card Number Search”. The final option permits a search by the last four digits of a CC used for payment.

3b. Enter the appropriate criterion for the selected search option, then tap Continue.


4. Tap Receipt Options.


5. Select "Print Receipt", and this will print a receipt to the Register/Receipt Printer.


6. Select "Email Receipt", to email a receipt to the customer.


7. Enter Email Address, then tap Send



If the location is utilizing integrated credit card processing, Closed Orders can be used to locate and reprint credit card receipts for a customer.

1. Select an order that has a Card Payment, and Tap Paid with Card.

2. Tap Reprint Receipt.

3. Select Customer Copy, Merchant Copy, or Both Copies.  (This will print to the Receipt Printer assigned to the iPad that is being used).

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