What to do if the Check Out Button is Missing

On occasion, users may find that an iPad intended for use as a fixed terminal has been inadvertently logged in to the wrong Service Mode, limiting its functionality. This error is easily rectified by determining and changing the service type.


Determining SERVICE MODE

If a server notices certain options missing upon tapping the Lavu button from the Tab/Table/Quick Serve layout:  

Instead of:

Or the distinct absence of the Checkout button from the Order Screen:

It will be necessary to switch from Tableside to Terminal Mode to restore full functionality.



1. Tap the Lavu button.

2. Select Exit Location.

3. Confirm the exit command by choosing “Yes”.

4. Tap Go.

5. Select the Terminal icon.

The POS will load back into the default Tab/Table/Quick Serve screen in Terminal Mode with all of Lavu’s features available to the user.

At times it may be necessary to do the opposite; that is, transition from Terminal to Tableside on a roaming device accidentally logged into Terminal Mode. The process is identical, except Tableside must be selected after exiting the location instead of Terminal.

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