Applying Tax Exemption to an Order

Many locations offer or are required to grant tax exemptions to certain customers. Tax exempt status can be applied on a per order basis from the Check Out screen.

Note: The ability to apply tax exemption must be enabled in the Admin Control Panel before the function will appear in the app. As is the case with many functions affecting the balance due for an order, tax exemptions are subject to Access Level restriction.

By default, this feature will include a generic exemption for which a reason can be entered at the time it is applied. In the event of a specific, recurring tax exemption (e.g. a customer from a tax exempt organization like a religious group or diplomatic post), individual exemptions may also be configured in the Control Panel.



1. Take the order to the Check Out screen.


2. Tap the Lavu button 


3. Select “Tax Exempt”. 


4. Choose a preset Tax Exemption OR tap “Other” to enter a custom exemption reason.

Preset Exemption


Other - Custom Exemption


The applied exemption will replace the tax rate line on the order pad.

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