PayPal - Miura EMV Reader Reset and Update Procedure

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To improve and maintain the Miura EMV reader’s functionality, PayPal periodically releases software updates to the device. While prompts to update should be automatically triggered either upon startup or when initiating a transaction, a factory reset may also be used to force the reader to check for available updates. A full factory reset of the Miura reader can also be used to rectify difficulty pairing the device with an iPad where other resolution methods have been unsuccessful.

Note: Lavu recommends consulting our Customer Care team before initializing a full factory reset of PayPal’s Miura EMV reader. As with any device, factory resetting should only be done after all basic troubleshooting measures have been exhausted. 


1. Open the Settings application on the iPad and tap Bluetooth.


2. Under “MY DEVICES” locate the PayPal reader and tap the blue i  icon. 


3. Tap Forget This Device. 


4. Confirm by tapping OK. 



5. Using a paperclip, press the reset button on the top right of the reader (next to the Power button). Correctly pressing the button will result in the reader’s screen displaying a “Revive Menu” and typically requires only a quick press and release.


6. Press 3 on the device’s keypad to select “Total factory reset”.



 7. Confirm the selection by pressing the green checkmark button.                                                  


The reader will display a message indicating the reset is in progress. Wait for it to finish.


When the process is complete, the screen will generate a prompt to pair the reader with an iPad.




8. Open the Settings application on the iPad and tap Bluetooth.


9. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on, then locate the PayPal reader under “DEVICES” by matching the item from the list to the number displayed on the reader’s screen, e.g. “PayPal 240”.

Note: If the reader itself does not display a prompt and device ID, put it back into pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button on the upper right of the device’s face.

10. Tap the device’s name on the iPad to begin pairing. The iPad will read “Connected” when pairing is complete. 



11. Relaunch the Lavu POS application. The app will detect the paired device and, if a software update is available, display a prompt. Tap Update.


Note: On occasion, the “Software Update Required” dialog box will not automatically appear upon re-entering Lavu. In these cases, attempting to process a CC transaction will generate the prompt.

12. During the software update, both the PayPal reader and Lavu application will display an “Installing Update” screen.


When the update is complete, tap Continue.



13. Resume normal use of the reader and POS. It may be prudent create a new order and run a test transaction to verify that the reader has returned to its functional state.





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