Adjusting Time Cards

Time Cards can be adjusted utilizing the Time Cards report in the Lavu Control Panel (

1. Navigate to  Login with your Username and Password generated through the Edit Users section in the Lavu Control Panel.   


2. Select Reports.


3. Click the blue Time Cards button on the right side of the page.


4. The Time Card report will default to the current day.  Select the Calendar icon to choose a different date for the report.


5. To run the Time Card report for a date range, click the second date drop-down and select an ending date for the range.  



1. Select All Users to run the report for all users who have shifts during the date range of the report.


2. Hover your mouse over a shift. Once highlighted blue left-click on the shift.  


3. Click Modify to adjust the Clocked In time.


4. Click the appropriate drop-downs to select a Date, Time, and AM/PM.  Once complete, select Update.


5. Click the second Modify option to adjust the Clocked Out time.


6. Delete the shift by clicking Delete this entry.  


7. Click OK to confirm shift deletion.


8. Refresh the browser page to see the updated shifts.  



1. Click Time Cards to go back to the Time Cards home page.


2. Select an individual user to see only that user’s shifts.   


In addition to modifying existing punches, viewing an individual user’s time card permits access to the Create New Punch function. This allows creation of clock in/out punches for entire shifts that may have been missed. Create New Punch is not accessible under the All Users view discussed above.

3. Choose Create a New Punch to manually create a timecard shift.


4. Select the Clocked In/Out Date, Time, and AM/PM.  If the restaurant is using Lavu's Employee Class feature, there is also an option to choose a Job Role for the shift so the time card calculates the appropriate hourly pay rate.


5. Click Submit to confirm the shift changes.



1. To adjust Time Cards in the Lavu app, start by tapping Lavu on the top left of the app home screen.

2. Select Manager Functions.

3. Select Management Tools.  

4. Tap Clock Punches.  

5. Select a shift that needs to be edited (tap on the Clocked In time to adjust).  

6. Choose a new Clocked In time.

7. A user can also Clock Out a shift, or Delete a shift from this screen.  

8. Tap Exit to return to the Lavu application home screen.  

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