Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is accessed by going to my.poslavu.com on a computer.  From here users of any access level can adjust their login information, contact information, and view their schedule.  

Note: The full functionality of this website is not optimized for mobile devices, but can be accessed on any device for viewing schedules. 



1. Navigate to my.poslavu.com.  Login with your Username and Password generated through the Edit Users section in the Lavu Control Panel.  


2. The My Account section will allow users to edit their personal and login information.  

Selecting General Info allows users to edit their Account Settings and Contact Info.  Once changes are complete, select Submit.


3. Password will allow users to change their password. Input the new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields. Click Submit.

Passwords have no special requirements; they can be any combination of letters, numbers, etc.


4. PIN will allow users to change their PIN code.  Overwrite the existing PIN with a new PIN, and Submit.

A PIN code must be numbers, and can be any number of digits. (i.e. 1234, 12345, 123456, etc).  PIN codes must be unique within the location's account; no two users may share a PIN.


5. My Schedule will allow users to view their schedule.  (Schedules are created through the Lavu Control Panel).



Through the Employee Portal Schedule, users may request coverage for shifts that can then be claimed by other employees. Once coverage is accepted, the user claiming the shift will be responsible for coverage of that shift.

1. Click on a Shift (highlighted in green), and then Request Coverage. 


2. Input a reason for the coverage request, then click Submit Coverage Request.


3. Select OK to confirm posting the shift.


4. The posted shift will appear in red on the My Schedule page of the original user requesting coverage, indicating it is available for claim by other users.



1. Shifts available for pickup will appear in blue. Click on a blue shift to view details.  


2. Select Accept Coverage Request.


3. A window will appear reminding the user: “...Once you accept this shift you will be responsible for it.”  Click OK to confirm.


4. Click OK to confirm "Coverage Request Accepted!"


5. The claimed shift will now appear in green on the schedule of the user accepting the coverage request.

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