Manager Handbook: Transfer Orders

The Transfer Orders section of the Lavu application allows users to manually transfer an Open Order from one user to another.

This feature is housed in the Management Tools area of the application. Accordingly, access to this and other managerial functions is confined to users with the appropriate Access Level as defined in the Admin Control Panel.

Note: Orders must be open to appear on the Transfer Orders screen.

1. From the Quick Serve, Tab Layout, or Table Layout, tap the LAVU button.

2. Select Manager Functions.

3. Select Management Tools.

4. Tap Transfer Orders.

5. To transfer a table, select the correct room and occupied table from the layout (An order must be open to appear on the Transfer Orders screen).

6. Expand the “Transfer Table To” drop-down list to view a list of available servers.

Select the user to whom ownership of the selected table needs to be transferred.

7. For Tabs/Quick Serve orders, select “For Tab/Quick Serve” and choose the appropriate order.

8. Choose the user who will be transferred the Tab/Quick Serve Order.

9. Tap Exit in the top left of the screen to return to the default layout of the Lavu application.

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