Server Handbook: Optional Modifiers

Optional Modifiers are used in the Lavu POS application Order Screen to Add, Remove, or designate item ingredients On the Side. 

Optional Modifiers are questions that are not necessary for the order to be completed. For example,  syrup flavorings for coffee drinks. These are additional add ons that a customer can request but the barista is not required to ask to complete the order. The most common use case for Optional Modifiers are toppings for a variety of food items like burgers, sandwiches, and ice cream. Optional Modifiers can also be used to allow toppings or other ingredients to be taken off. 

Optional Modifiers are created in the Lavu Control Panel, then assigned to Menu Items/Categories.

The following steps demonstrate how to apply Optional Modifiers on the Lavu application:

1. Add an Item to the order. Select the forced modifiers (if any) associated with that item





Once all the Forced Modifiers are selected, there is the option to Add to order in the upper right hand portion of the screen. However, if the customer wants to select Optional Modifiers, they have the option to add them from the Optional Modifiers heading on the right or they can select "Optional Modifiers" in the order screen on the left. 


If Add to Order is selected, the page will be redirected to the order screen (seen below). Here, tap on the item that has been placed on the order to return to the previous modifiers page to make adjustments to previous modifiers or add new ones. The Save Changes button can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen once finalized. 



2.  Tap an Optional Modifier to add to the Order.  If there is a price associated with the Optional Modifier (such as "Extra Bacon" for $1.00), the price will be added to the order. 

Select Plus then the Modifier, and this will also add a price.


Tap No then the Modifier, and this will NOT add or remove pricing from the Order.


Select Side then the Modifier, and this will NOT add or remove pricing from the Order. This option is meant to designate an ingredient/item already included in the order as "On the Side".


 Clear will clear the Optional Modifier choices from the Order.


Once all modifications are complete, the Optional modifiers will display on the screen to the left. Push the "Save Changes" button to return to the Order. 


3. The +/- option allows a user to increase/decrease the Item quantity.


4. The Keyboard allows a user to type in any notes for the Order.



5. Once all selections are complete, the order will be displayed as follows. If further changes need to be made, one can simply select the order item to navigate back to the modifier page to make adjustments.  





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