Manager Handbook: Scheduling

Lavu features a Scheduling tool to easily create schedules for users/employees.  This is accessible through the Lavu Control Panel.

Once Schedules are created, users will be able to see their schedule on any computer through the Lavu Employee Portal.  

Note: When creating an employee schedule, overtime rules are often an important consideration. Please see this article regarding the configuration of Overtime Settings.


1. Navigate to  Login with the Username and Password generated through the Edit Users section in the Lavu Control Panel.  

2. Select Settings > Users/Customers > Scheduling.

3. Use the green left and right arrows to move back a week or forward to the next week. To create a new shift click ADD SHIFT under the appropriate date.

4. Select a user. To schedule multiple users at once, click on more than one user from the window.

5. Select a Start Time and End Time for the shift.  

6. Select “Specify time exactly” to input a time that is not in 30 minute increments.  

Note: Use proper formatting when specifying time. For example: 3:45 pm should be typed in as “03:45pm”.

Click the checkmark to confirm.  

7. If the user has multiple Employee Classes, designate a class for the shift. This will let the user know what job role they are scheduled for, but they will still need to select an Employee Class when Clocking In.  Employee Classes are NOT required for scheduling.

8. Click SAVE SHIFTS to confirm the newly created shifts.  

Note: Unsaved shifts will be designated with a *.


The Scheduling feature allows users to import shifts from a previous week into the selected week.

1. Scroll down to “Import shifts for all users”.  

2. Select the “Source week” for shift import.  

3. Shifts will be imported to “this week”, which is the week currently displayed on the page.

4. Check “Delete all shifts in destination week” to remove any shifts in the Destination week and replace with the imported shifts.  

Note: Leave unchecked to import shifts AND keep the shifts in the Destination week.


6. If multiple users are scheduled for the same shift for the same day, a colored icon will appear next to those shifts.  This is designed for a quick view of more than one user on the same shift.


The “Special Notes” section allows users to type in notes that can be seen by other users who navigate to this page.

1.  Click in the open field, and begin typing notes.  

2. Select “Save Shifts” to save the Special Notes that were entered.


“Printable Schedule” allows users to view the schedule in several formats for easy viewing and exporting.


2. Select CHART STYLE.  

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