Lavu + Square: Overview

Lavu and Square are partnering together to provide more options for customers to accept payments. This solution is best for Quick Serve Restaurants and Food Trucks that use electronic signature captures. It also works well for Full-Service locations that use paper receipts with just a few extra steps.

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What do you need to get started?

There are a few, easy steps to complete on your way to using Square with Lavu.

  1. Sign up for your Square account at
  2. Decide on how you would like to process payments (EMV/NFC or Swipe) and purchase Square hardware from the Lavu Sales Team (855-767-5288 or
  3. Download the Lavu POS and Square POS apps on the iOS device that you will use as your terminal.
  4. Enable the Square extension in the Lavu Admin Control Panel.
  5. Login to both apps on your terminal. BOTH apps must be open and signed into when in service.
  6. Adjust your Square settings (close of business, tipping options, printer) to suit your business workflow.
  7. Get started processing payments.

This article will review a few essential points of information so that you can make the best of this processing partnership. 

Processing Payments in Lavu

For proper functionality, Square and Lavu must both be downloaded, signed in, and open on the iOS device.

  • Download Square from the Apple AppStore and login with your credentials.
  • Use the “Card” button in Lavu to begin processing payments.
  • When a payment is processed there will be an application switch from Lavu to Square, and back to Lavu after the payment has been completed.
  • Square, as a stand-alone processor, does not support split tender payments. You can split tenders using the Lavu-Square integration by first entering the other tender amount (e.g. Cash) and then tapping the CARD button to pay the rest of the check using Square.
    • This process does not apply to splitting a check between a Square gift card and a regular card. 

The video below illustrates how simple, quick, and seamless the Lavu + Square integration is for processing payments. The payment shown in this video was processed with a printed receipt which is why you will not see an option to add a tip.


Lavu + Square Tipping Options

Square provides two way to add tips to your transactions: Sign on Screen and Sign and Tip on Printed Receipt. Sign on Screen is the easiest way to use this integration. Don't worry if you want to use a printed receipt, we are definitely able to get that done as well. There are a few considerations you will need to keep in mind:

  • You will need to connect a printer directly through the Square POS app in order to print receipts. 
  • Follow the Square instructions to add the tips from the printed receipt directly in the Square App.
  • Tips must be added to the transaction within 36 hours of running the card. This must be done through the Square POS app.
  • Tips added to transactions in the Square POS app will automatically reconcile with the Lavu Control Panel. There is also a button in the V1 End of Day report to manually pull the tip information if it does not automatically sync.

 Square Gift Cards

You can use Square Gift Cards with the Lavu + Square integration. 

  • Gift cards are loaded and tracked in Square.
  • Gift cards are used as payment for an order in the same way you accept card payments: just tap on CARD.
    • These payments are recorded in Lavu reports as Square Gift Cards.
  • Contact Square directly to see if you port gift cards from another gateway to their system. 
    • Gift cards issued by another gateway and ported over to Square will need to by manually entered in order to process.

Square Contact Information

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