Lavu + Square: Enable the Integration

Once you have your Square account setup, you will need to visit your Lavu Control Panel in order to integrate the two systems. This is a super simple process that consists of two quick steps:

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Step 1: Enable the Square Extension in the Lavu Control Panel 

Please create your Square account prior to enabling the extension. This will be much easier for you and cut down the time you spend setting up the Square extension in Lavu. Click the following link to create a Square account if you have not done so already.

1. Once your account has been created, log in to the Admin Control Panel.


2. Navigate to the Extensions page.


3. Click “Get Started” in the Square extension widget, which launches Square login page.



4. Enter Square account login Information and click “Sign In”


5. Read and acknowledge any popups. This will then return you to the Lavu Extensions page.

6. Select the appropriate location in the Square Location popup then click SAVE.


7. Click ENABLE in the Square extension widget.


8. Click OK to confirm enabling the Square extension.

9. Close the popup notification and Square is now active and enabled in Lavu.

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Step 2: Adjust Your Payment Settings

1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel


2. Navigate to Settings > Payment Settings > Card Integration Card_Integration.png 

3. Check the “Integrate credit card processing:” box in the Card Integration section


4. Select “Square” from the “Payment Gateway:” drop down


5. Click SAVE near the bottom right of the screen


Return to the top of the page.

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