Lavu 30-Day Refundable Deposit Feature

Lavu Refundable Deposit Feature

Your Lavu POS System now allows for fully refundable cash or card deposits on items such as kegs and taps at breweries and damage deposits for space rentals. This is a new feature and separate from the Lavu POS feature that allows you to accept 50% of a non-refundable payment as an initial deposit.

Refundable Deposit is easy to use in the app, features multiple levels of reporting, and can be controlled by access level for added security.

NOTE Card deposits must be refunded from the app within 30-day. Cash deposits are not subject to the 30-day restriction.

Article Contents

  • In-App use
  • Backend Settings and Reports

In-App Use

Accepting Deposits

Accepting deposits is quick and easy.

Simply tap on the Lavu button and choose Register Functions to access the Deposit feature.


Tap on Register Functions.


And then choose either Deposit or Refund Deposit depending on the function you need to access.


Follow the onscreen prompts to complete either a cash or a card transaction. The first time you accept a deposit from a customer you will need to enter their first and last name along with an email address. Subsequent deposits from the same customer are faster as you can search for their data.

Check out this video tutorial for a complete walkthrough of completing a cash deposit.


Searching for Customers to Auto-populate Information

Customer information is retained in your deposit records once you have entered their data in your deposit feature. This means that you have the ability to quickly auto-populate a customer’s information in the case that they have multiple deposits with you.

The first step is to open up the type of deposit you are processing (cash or card). Then, use the Search bar to find the customer you are looking for.


Select the customer’s name from the dropdown to auto-populate their information in the deposit screen.


Now all you need to do is to add in the correct deposit amount and complete the transaction.

Check out this video for a tutorial on processing credit card deposits and using the auto-populate feature.


Processing Refunds

You can process full or partial cash and card deposits in the Lavu POS App.

NOTE: Processing any refund, full or partial, will remove the deposit from your app. We recommend only processing partial refunds in the app if you have no intention of ever refunding the full amount.

Open Register Functions and tap on Deposit Refund to get started.


Select the type of refund you are processing. This demonstration will walk you through the process of a card refund. It is very similar to the cash refund.


Search the customer who made the deposit you are refunding and select their name from the drop-down.



Tap the arrow next to the customer’s name to open the deposit refund form.


Leave the Refund Amount as is for a full refund, or adjust the amount for a partial refund. Tap SUBMIT once you are ready to process the refund.


Follow the prompts to complete the refund.

Check out this video tutorial for instructions on completing a card refund.


Backend Settings and Reports

There is only one setting that you may want to adjust in order to use this feature: Access Level required for Deposit and Refund Functions. This setting is located in the Advanced Location Settings (Login to the Lavu Control Panel and navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Advanced Location Settings > General Interface Settings.). You can restrict your staff’s ability to accept and refund deposits based on their access level.


Deposits and refunds are featured in three different V2 Lavu Reports:

V2 Customer Deposits

The V2 Customer Deposits report is accessed by logging into the Lavu Control Panel and the navigating to Reports > CUSTOMER DEPOSITS.

This report shows deposits and refunds in detail and provides a net amount (Total Deposits - Total Refunds = Net) at the bottom of the AMOUNT column.

NOTE: Deposits that are refunded the same day will show in the Customer Deposits report as the refunded amount. DepositMissingInfo.png

V2 General Ledger

The General Ledger report is a V2 report that provides a tool for more concise tracking of payments and sales. The General Ledger report has a row to account for the net total from the Customer Deposits report.


V2 End of Day

The V2 End of Day report includes a section to give you a quick snapshot of deposits accepted and refunded throughout the day. The amounts of the deposit do not affect your Expected Take In calculations.


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