Lavu Kiosk - Quick Start Guide

Lavu Kiosk Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Lavu Kiosk Quick Start Guide! Check out the full series of Lavu Kiosk articles linked at the bottom of this article for more in-depth directions on setting up your new app!


Setting Up - Control Panel

These are only the necessary steps, further customization options are available in the full Lavu Kiosk Instructions.

  1. Enable PayPal on your Lavu account using the Extensions Page.
  2. Navigate to Kiosk. 
  3. Select PayPal from the the Payment Gateway Provider dropdown.
  4. Select SALE as the Default Transaction Type.
  5. Next, scroll up a bit to the receipt printer settings. Enter the printer information for your Lavu Kiosk Printer.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Open your Lavu Menu page.
  8. Check the Kiosk box on all of the categories and items you want to sell from your Lavu Kiosk.
  9. Click SAVE.




Setting Up - App

  1. Download the Kiosk app on the device you are using. Log in using your normal Lavu credentials
  2. Ensure your PayPal Chip and Tap reader is powered on
  3. Pair the reader by triple-tapping on the logo at the top left of the Kiosk app, entering your admin pin, and selecting Card Reader Settings. Tap Connect and follow the screen prompts.


You can now run a few test orders on your Lavu Kiosk.

Lavu Kiosk Articles

The following are a series of articles designed to help you to set up your new Lavu Kiosk. Click on the article title to open the page.

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