Customizing Your Lavu Kiosk - Control Panel

Kiosk General Settings

The first section of the Kiosk Settings is Kiosk General Settings. These settings allow you to:

  • Customize the theme color for your kiosk.
  • Choose whether or not to allow tips to be added to kiosk order payments.
  • Set order alert notifications to be texted and/or emailed to you.
  • Determine what images will display on your Kiosk when it is not actively being used to place an order.

Before You Begin

  1. Pick a theme color for your Kiosk. It should reflect your business branding. Try searching for a good hex code creator if you are looking for a very specific color.
  2. Decide whether or not you would like to allow for tips on our kiosk orders.
  3. Establish who should receive text and/or email alerts regarding new orders.

Adjusting the Settings


  1. Login to your Lavu Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Kiosk Settings > Kiosk General Settings
  3. Click on the Theme Color Picker: and either select your color or enter the hex code
  4. Set your tip allowance using the drop-down for Allow tips:
  5. OPTIONAL: Enter your cell phone carrier if you would like to receive alert messages.
  6. OPTIONAL: The Pickup and Dine-In options will display in the kiosk for your customers to select if you check the boxes next to them for Dinining Options. The choice will be reflected on the kitchen ticket.
  7. OPTIONAL: Enter your cell phone number and email address if you would like to receive order alerts.
  8. OPTIONAL: Set a minimum order total for kiosk orders.
  9. OPTIONAL: Enable Lavu Kiosk Splash Page (This allows you to either upload an image or use rotating menu images as a welcome page on your Lavu Kiosk.)
  10. OPTIONAL: Choose Image Option
    1. Menu Images will scroll through all of the images stored in your menu.
    2. Splash Image will upload a single image as a welcome page.
    3. Use a large size image. The bigger the better. And, try it out before you go live. Upload the image and see what it looks like.
  11. OPTIONAL: Splash Image Change Interval Seconds. This setting will determine how quickly your menu images change if you are using the option to scroll through all of your menu images.
  12. OPTIONAL: Splash Timeout Seconds (The length of time of inactivity that will revert Lavu Kiosk back to the splash screen. The hardcoded minimum time is 30 seconds. The timeout will clear all order contents when it reverts to the splash screen.  

That is all you need to do for the Kiosk General Settings section.

Lavu Kiosk Articles

The following are a series of articles designed to help you to set up your new Lavu Kiosk. Click on the article title to open the page.

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