Lavu Kiosk Credit Card Settings - Control Panel

Lavu Kiosk Credit Card Integration Settings

The next section of the Kiosk Settings involves your credit card processing company. This processing company can be separate from the one that you use to process your standard Lavu transactions. You will need:

  • A PayPal Here Merchant account
  • A PayPal Chip & Tap Card Reader (Talk to your Lavu POS Specialist to ensure you get the correct reader.)
  • Your PayPal Merchant account information

What You Should Know

The Lavu Kiosk supports swiped, tapped, and chip card reading. Manual credit card entries will need to be processed at your Lavu POS terminal.

Before You Begin

You will need to activate the PayPal extension in the Lavu Control Panel before adjusting the settings in the Kiosk Settings.


  1. Login to your Lavu Control Panel
  2. Open the Extensions page
  3. Locate the PayPal extension and click Get Started
  4. Click Log in with your PayPal account
  5. Complete all of the on screen prompts. You will be redirected to the Lavu Control Panel when you are done
  6. Click ENABLE beneath the Get Started button in the PayPal extension.
  7. You’re ready to configure your kiosk credit card settings

Adjusting the Settings

  1. Login to your Lavu Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Kiosk Settings > Kiosk Credit Card Integration Settings
  3. Select PayPal from the Payment Gateway drop-down
  4. Select Sale from the Default Transaction Type drop-down
  5. Click SAVE


You will also need to pair the card reader with the Lavu Kiosk. We will cover that in the Pairing and Updating Your Lavu Kiosk Chip and Tap Reader article.

Lavu Kiosk Articles

The following are a series of articles designed to help you to set up your new Lavu Kiosk. Click on the article title to open the page.

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