Lavu Kiosk Printer Settings - Control Panel

Lavu Kiosk Receipt Printers

The Kiosk Settings contains a special section to allow you to quickly add a receipt printer for your kiosk. The Kiosk only supports Epson Printers at this time. The Kiosk can 'print' to the Epson KDS, but not to the Lavu KDS.

Configure the Receipt Printer

Set up for your receipt printer is fairly simple. Choose the scenario below that most closely matches your situation and follow the instructions.

  • I purchased pre-configured hardware from Lavu.
    • Awesome! Plug your printer in and load the receipt paper. The printer has already been set to a static IP address and is labeled with that address.
  • My printer is not configured.
    • That is not a problem. Open this Lavu Support article and complete all of the steps in The Printer and Steps 1-7 in Network and Control Panel Settings. (Stop when you get to the control panel settings because this setup is slightly different.)

Adjust the Kiosk Receipt Printer Settings


  1. Login to your Lavu Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Kiosk and click Receipt Printers.
  3. Click + Add Printer.
  4. Select the appropriate unassigned Setting
    1. Check your regular printer assignments by navigating to Settings > Printers / Technical > Printers / KDS
    2. Scroll down to find the first receipt printer assignment that is not already assigned.
  5. Enter a NAME for the printer. It is a good idea to name the printer so that it describes what you use the printer for (e.g. Bar Printer, Grill Printer, etc.)
  6. Select the MODEL of the printer from the drop-down list.
  7. Select the COMMAND SET from the drop-down list.
  8. Enter the printer’s static IP ADDRESS
  9. Enter the PORT (The default entry is ‘9100’ as this is the most common assignment.)
  10. Click SAVE

There is one more step to complete this process: assign the printer to the kiosk. This takes place in the Lavu Kiosk app. We will address that in Assigning the Lavu Kiosk Receipt Printer article. First, let’s complete our control panel settings.

Lavu Kiosk Articles

The following are a series of articles designed to help you to set up your new Lavu Kiosk. Click on the article title to open the page.

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