Recommended Settings for Lavu Integrated Payments - Canada

Lavu Recommended Settings for Processing Transactions

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Your LiP-Canada setup is heavily dependent on your business workflow. We do have a number of recommendations to make this a smoother process for you.

Printing Receipts

There are three types of receipts that you may want to print:

  • Itemized Checks
  • Merchant Receipt
  • Customer Receipt

The itemized checks must be printed through the Lavu POS on an integrated printer. The Merchant and Customer Receipts can be printed either through Lavu or through the iCT250.

Printing Itemized Checks

Screen_Shot_2018-10-19_at_10.50.55_AM.png  Use the Print Check button in the app to print an itemized receipt for the customer during the checkout process.
emailreceipt.png You can also choose to have the option to print the itemized as a pop-up at the end of the checkout process.

You can speed up your checkout process by turning off the pop-up and printing itemized checks by default. Use the following instructions for that setup.


  1. Login to your Lavu control panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Advanced Location Settings > Checkout Options
  3. Uncheck the box next to Display print options at checkout
  4. Check the box next to Print receipt by default (this setting does refer to the itemized check)
  5. Click the SAVE button

Printing Merchant/Customer Copies

We recommend that you use EITHER the printing features through the iCT250 terminal OR print these receipts using your Lavu printer.  You will need to turn off receipts in one and turn them on in the other. See the instructions below in order to complete this process.

Adjusting Printer Settings for the iCT250

  1. Press # on the reader to access the Admin Menu
  2. Press 3 for the Setup Menu
  3. Enter the manager password (default is P123456)
  4. Press 3 for Receipts
  5. Press 3 for Receipt Options
  6. Press 1 for Receipt Copies (RcptCopies)
  7. Select the appropriate setting
    1.  – I am printing through Lavu
    2. – I only want a merchant copy
    3. – I want to print a merchant and a customer copy
    4.  – Set a prompt to determine printing options at the time of sale
  8. Press the ENTER key

 Adjusting Lavu Receipt Printing Settings


  1. Login to your Lavu control panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Payment Settings > Card Integration
  3. Scroll down to the Printing section
  4. Check or uncheck (depending on whether or not you are printing through your iCT250 or through Lavu) the options you would like to apply
  5. Click SAVE

Payment Settings

There are a few payment settings that can be adjusted to streamline your workflow. LiP transactions are initiated using the CREDIT button at checkout. The Lavu Payments Specialist who sets pairs or, onboards, your terminal with Lavu will change the Payment setting name to ‘Credit’ from its default status for you. This setting is located in Settings > Payment Settings > Payment Methods.


You should take a few moments to remove the default CARD button from your checkout screen and add in the new CREDIT button (otherwise, it is still accessible but nested in the OTHER button, requiring additional taps).


  1. Login to your Lavu control panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Checkout Layout Editor
  3. Click the EDIT button
  4. Use the numbered buttons to determine how many buttons will display
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Click the PAYMENT METHOD button to display the CREDIT payment method


  1. Drag the CREDIT button to the location you would like it in your checkout layout
  2. Drag the remaining payment methods to the blank row. Exclude the CARD button
  3. Click SAVE at the top right of the editor

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