Voiding and Refunding Payments with Lavu Integrated Payments - Canada

Voids and Refunds

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Processing voids and refunds is a snap. As a rule, remember that you should void an order if you have not settled the batch with the payment you are voiding. Refund the payment if you have settled the batch with the payment you are refunding.

Process a Void

  1. Reopen the order with a Payment to be voided
  2. Tap on the Payment you would like to void (highlighted in green below)
  3. Tap Void Transaction
  4. The void will process on the Ingenico iCT250 terminal
  5. Finalize the order by accepting a different payment type (tap the LAVU button and choose re-close once you have accepted payment) or voiding the order using the VOID button



You may receive a Cancelled – Transaction Not Found error. This simply means that the transaction has already been batched; you will need to refund rather than void the transaction.


Refunding Transactions

You will need the credit card details in order to refund a transaction. This can be accomplished by swiping the card or by manually entering the credit card details. You will also need the manager password for the iCT250 terminal.

  1. Reopen the order with a Payment to be refunded
  2. Tap on the payment you would like to refund
  3. Tap Process Refund
  4. Follow the prompts on the reader to complete the process


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