Getting Started with Lavu To Go 2.0

Getting Started with Lavu To Go 2.0

Getting started is super simple. You can do it yourself through the control panel or you can contact your Lavu Customer Care team for support ( or call us at 1.855.528.8457).

Enable the Extension

This process links to your business’ billing profile with Lavu and will charge the card that you have on file with us.

  1. Login to your Lavu Control Panel
  2. Click on the Extensions page
  3. Click on the Enable Lavu To Go extension
  4. Select whether you would like a monthly or annual package
  5. Enter the information requested. This information verifies that only the account holder can make this change.
  6. Your Lavu To Go settings are now available. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Lavu To Go Settings to customize your new website



Get Your Braintree Account Information

There is some information in your Braintree account that you will need to enter in your Lavu To Go 2.0 Settings. Check out this article for a handy guide to this information.

Let’s Talk Lavu To Go Settings

The Lavu To Go 2.0 settings module has a number of options that you can customize to make your Lavu To Go website your own.

The settings module is broken into three groups.

General Settings for Customer Online Ordering


Lavu ToGo General Settings


Lavu ToGo Customer Settings



Here is a breakdown of what each setting does.

Use Optional Modifiers from Menu

Check this box if you would like to include optional modifiers as a checklist in your online item selection. This image shows the optional modifier list CHOOSE YOUR HAM AND SWISS below the forced modifiers associated with the item.


Lavu To Go Unique URL

This is the address for your website. Customize the address by typing in the blank box.

Lavu To Go Embed Code

This is the code you will use to add a link to your order website inside of your restaurant’s normal website. Just copy and paste the code into your website.

Hours of Availability

Use these settings to designate when customers can place an order using your online site. This will prevent customers from placing orders outside of your operating hours and lead to better customer experience.

Lavu To Go Credit Card Integration Settings

This setting is where you will add in your Braintree information if you are accepting credit card payments through your Lavu To Go 2.0 website. This is separate from the processing solution you use for the rest of your POS. You can retrieve the Merchant ID and API Keys from your Braintree online account.


Remember to click SAVE when you are done.

Minimum Preparation Time for Order Fulfillment

This is the amount of time that the system will add to the order time to generate the estimated pickup time for the customer. For example, if I set the time to 25 minutes and the customer places an order at 12:00, their pickup time is 12:25. This time will display in their successful checkout message and in your Lavu POS app.

Minimum Order Amount

This is the minimum dollar amount for the pre-tax subtotal required to place an online order. Braintree requires a $1.00 minimum to process a transaction. You can set this value to whatever amount best fits your business model. The pickup time is annotated in the checkout screen and in your POS app.

Default Delivery Fee

This is the delivery fee that will be added to any delivery order. You can set this to 0.00 if you do not charge for delivery.

Maximum Delivery Distance

This setting restricts delivery to a radius (in miles) around your restaurant. Your customers will receive a popup message warning them that delivery is not available if their address is outside of your delivery area.


Theme Color Picker

This allows you to pick the colors for the accent bars and button in your Lavu To Go site. The primary background color will always be white. It is easiest to google ‘hex code for <color you are looking for>’ to get just the right color for your branding. You can also try this handy site if you are looking for ideas.

Lavu To Go and Auto Sending Polling Interval

This setting is responsible for telling your Lavu POS app to check for Lavu To Go orders that need to be printed. The default is that the app looks for Lavu To Go orders every 10 seconds and sends any new orders to the kitchen automatically. You can extend this time if you are experiencing slow internet speeds to improve the operation of your POS app. This setting only works if you have turned on auto printing for API orders. (More on this below.)

Cell Phone Carrier and Phone Number for Order Alert Text Messages

These two settings, in addition to Email for Order Alert Notifications, apply to Lavu To Go 1.0. They will be removed from this page.

Email for Order Alert Notifications

This setting, in addition to Cell Phone Carrier and Phone Number for Order Alert Text Messages, applies to Lavu To Go 1.0. It will be removed from this page.

Treat as Single Location

This setting is only for franchise owners who have multiple Lavu POS accounts chained together. It keeps other locations in the chain from popping up and becoming selectable in the Lavu To Go location selector. This way, your customers in Poughkeepsie won’t accidently order from your Syracuse store.

Dining Types

This allows you to choose how your customers get their food. The choices are Pickup, Delivery, and Dine-In. At least one option must be checked. This option will display in the Lavu POS app.

Customer Payment Options

This is where you decide how your customers can pay for their meal. Pre-pay Only means they can only pay in advance using your Braintree processing integration. Payment Upon Receipt means they will have to pay at your location when they pick up. Prepay and Payment Upon Receipt opens both options to your customers.

Show Tip Options

This setting determines whether or not tipping options are available during checkout on your Lavu To Go 2.0 site. Enabling this option causes the below buttons to populate on your checkout screen.


Success Message on Checkout

This box allows you to enter a custom message for your customers. This message will display after the customer successfully submits their online order.


Other Lavu Settings

There are a few other items that you should check off in order to optimize your online order.

Company Address and Logo

You will need to ensure that your company address is updated because it will be used in side of your Lavu To Go website to help your customers locate your restaurant. This is a required setting if you use delivery.

You should also check that your logo is updated and good to go because it will display in Lavu To Go. This is not required. Your address is found in both your Company Settings and Basic Location Settings. Your logo is also found in Company Settings.

Company Settings


  1. Login to the Lavu Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Company Settings
  3. Enter all necessary information in the data fields
  4. Click SAVE when you are done

While you’re in this section, go ahead and update your Company Logo (located just below your company settings). This logo will display at the top left of your Lavu To Go 2.0 website.

  1. Click on the Choose File button
  2. Select the file for your logo
  3. Click SAVE when you are done.

Basic Location Settings

Next, update your address in Basic Location Settings. Basic Location Settings are located just below Company Settings.

  1. Login to the Lavu Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Basic Location Settings
  3. Enter all necessary information in the data fields in Receipt Information Settings
  4. Click SAVE when you are done

Print Delivery Address

Speaking of addresses, you are going to need to know what your customer's address is if you choose to use the Delivery option. You can print the delivery address on either your receipts or your kitchen tickets, or both. This is tied to the Lavu POS Customer Management feature. You will need to set all of the Print options for the address fields in customer management to either receipt, kitchen, or both.

Auto Send Orders to the Kitchen

Your orders generated through the Lavu POS will automatically print to your kitchen without any extra settings (outside of assigning the printer or display). Your Lavu To Go orders are a bit different. They require one extra setting if you want them to print automatically. This setting is highly recommended.

Printer Settings


  1. Login to the Lavu Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Printers / Technical > Printers / KDS
  3. Scroll down to Direct Printing
  4. Check the box next to Automatically send new API orders to the kitchen
  5. Click SAVE

That takes care of your settings. Now, you need to optimize your online menu options.


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