Lavu To Go 2.0 - Product Overview


Welcome to the new Lavu To Go! Our latest offering and your restaurant’s new revenue stream.


This redesigned website is back and better than ever. We offer:

  • Direct kitchen printing to streamline your ordering process.
  • Delivery, pickup, and dine in options that you can use, or not, depending on your business.
  • Tools so that you only receive online orders during your operating hours.
  • Branding and configuration options so you control your image.
  • Tipping controls, minimum order amounts, and the ability to set delivery fees to pay for your time.

The new Lavu To Go is designed to get your business on the go.

Product Details

Lavu To Go 2.0 provides you with an online ordering portal that your customers can use to order directly from your restaurant. It is a paid feature that current Lavu POS customers can activate using the Lavu Control Panel. You can choose between a monthly subscription for $75 each month or, an annual subscription for $799 per year. Choosing the annual subscription means you get nearly a month and a half of free Lavu To Go!

Not a Lavu’er yet? Contact one of our dedicated POS Specialists ( or call 1-855-767-5288).

Processing Credit Card Payments Online

You will need a PayPal Braintree account if you would like your customers to be able to prepay for their orders. This processor charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. (Click here to sign up today.)

Online Ordering Workflow

What now?

Check out our Getting Started article to start up your new online ordering business.


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