Optimize Lavu To Go 2.0 Menu

Optimize Your Menu for Lavu To Go 2.0

First of all, check out this support page if you are unfamiliar with how to build a Lavu menu. You will use the same principles to build your Lavu To Go menu as you used to build your Lavu POS menu.

Now, you may be pumping the brakes right now wondering if you can use the menu you have already built rather than building a whole new one. We get it, no one likes to do double work. You are welcome to use your existing menu for Lavu To Go online ordering. It will work. Just make sure that the boxes for App and LTG are checked at the category and at the item level.


That being said, building a separate menu has a few distinct advantages.


  • You will want to adjust the way your forced modifiers work. While your server (and cook) want to ensure that the order is exactly correct and will work through five different forced modifiers to ensure the best customer service, your customer likely does not want to click that many buttons and scroll through that many modifiers.
    • Make ordering as simple as possible so that your customers enjoy the experience of ordering. Think of creative ways to combine forced modifiers with items so that your customers need to make the fewest clicks possible to place the perfect order. We recommend one or two modifiers per item.
    • You will also want to rename your modifier lists. Your server knows that ‘Meat Temp’ means ‘How do you want your steak cooked?’, but your customer may not.
  • Your servers are familiar with your menu. They do not need an item description. Your customers do, or might, depending on how often they’ve been to your restaurant. You can add a description of each item using the green DETAILS box for the item that will show in Lavu To Go. You can also use the dropdowns for Heart Healthy, Contains Gluten, and Contains Dairy to identify good choices for your customers. These dropdowns are also located in the DETAILS box.
  • We recommend high-fidelity images for best display in Lavu To Go. High fidelity images are 2048x1536. The recommendation for your Lavu POS app images is only 1024x768. Those images will not look as clean on your website.


Now that we've seen how to set this up, let's look at what happens when your customer orders from your Lavu To Go 2.0 site.

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