Lavu To Go 2.0 - FAQ's



Q: Will Lavu To Go 2.0 allow me to configure modifiers just for LTG?

A: This is not currently supported. Instead, you can create menu items specifically for Lavu To Go if they have different modifier requirements than your app menu item.


Q: Will I be able to use the same payment gateway I use for the POS?

A: Lavu To Go 2.0 currently integrates with Braintree (a PayPal company). This means that your main Lavu POS business will operate with a different processing company than your Lavu To Go 2.0.

Rest assured that Lavu Platforms is designed to work with multiple payment gateways to optimize rates and minimize risk to our customers. You will need to set up the Payment API with your Braintree credentials. Check out this link for specifics on how to set this up.


Q: Will I be able to print directly to the kitchen?
A: Yes. For more info follow the instructions under Printer Settings at the bottom of this linked page


Q: Can there be LTG specific detours in the menu?

A: Detours specifically built for Lavu ToGo are not currently supported. To achieve a similar result, you will need to create Lavu ToGo specific items.


Q: What are Braintree’s rates when used with Lavu ToGo?

A: 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction

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