February 2019 Release Notes

Product Updates

Control Panel updates complete. Kiosk updates coming soon!

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu.

Enhancements Highlights

đź’š A new and improved menu screen for Kiosk

đź’š Continuous scrolling between menu categories for Kiosk

đź’š Kitchen Nicknames for menu items

Redesigned Menu Screen for Kiosk

A new and improved menu screen has been implemented in Kiosk making it easier to navigate through all the options for a menu item.


Continuous scrolling between menu categories in Kiosk

The user can now scroll through all of the menu categories in a menu group without needing to use the category navigation at the top of the screen.


Kitchen Nicknames for Menu Items

Menu items now allow a user to input a secondary name for menu items that is used for kitchen chits. This way you can have a different item name for your kitchen staff to read.


Simplified Ordering for Lavu to Go Users

When customers are ordering from a Lavu To Go 2.0 site that isn’t multi-location / use delivery, the customer will now skip the address modal.

Delivery Charge Tracking in the End of Day Report

Delivery Charges from delivery orders now populate in the Charges section in the V2 EOD report so restaurant owners are able to easily track this revenue.

Bug Fixes

Point of Sale / Control Panel

  • Fixed a bug with super groups and chained accounts 
  • Fixed a bug where certain time ranges were not being displayed by V2 Sales reports
  • Fixed a bug where the X / Z report wouldn’t print when a location is using the Norway fiscal settings
  • Fixed a bug where ingredients could not be added to certain menu items
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to discount combo items
  • Fixed a bug that omitted the company logo when certain fiscal settings were enabled  
  • Fixed a searching bug with refunds on Lavu Integrated Payments 
  • Fixed a bug with the tip sharing report not showing current dates information 

Lavu To Go

  • Fixed a bug where detours do not work in certain scenarios 
  • Fixed a bug where an order wouldn’t auto print in certain circumstances 
  • Fixed a bug with forced and optional modifiers not respecting certain printer settings 
  • Fixed a rare bug where disabled menu groups would still appear on the Lavu To Go website 
  • Fixed a bug where a disabled chained location would still display on the location selector modal
  • Fixed a bug for chained locations using "Treat site as single location"
  • Made minor mobile browser enhancements 
  • Fixed a bug with the Lavu To Go’s hours of operation 


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when Kiosk is only using the universal menu group 
  • Major loading enhancements and improvements
  • Fixed a crash when there are no menu items enabled for use in Kiosk 
  • Fixed a bug where Kiosk emailed receipts were not displaying the order ID 
  • Fixed a bug where Kiosk discounts were not displaying correctly in V2 reports 
  • Fixed a bug on the checkout screen where the minimum order amount error was not displayed


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