March 2019 Release Notes

Product Updates

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu

Enhancements Highlights

💚 New shortcut for the Webgift Portal

💚 New features for Norway fiscal compliance

💚 Integration with Compeat/CTUIT is now available

💚 Lavu To Go: Spanish Language now available

💚 Lavu To Go: Enhancements for ASAP and Future order settings


Point of Sale / Control Panel

Shortcut to the Webgift Portal

You can now access the webgift portal directly from the control panel dashboard.  Find it within Shortcuts- no need to log in again.


Norway Tax Compliance and Fiscal

“Copy” content is shown when the 2nd copy is printed or emailed when for Norway Fiscal.

Now an order won’t close if the receipts couldn’t be printed. And, for fully paid orders can now only have two receipts printed or emailed.

Compeat/Ctuit Integration

Lavu can now integrate with Compeat reporting software.  Please contact sales at from more information.

Lavu To Go

Spanish localization

Added more dynamic content that will adopt the language packs. And, the Mexico Spanish language pack is now available.

LTG 2.0 ASAP and Future orders settings

A new settings to “Only allow orders to be placed as ‘ASAP’ orders.” is now available as you online ordering offering.

Bug Fixes

Point of Sale / Control Panel

  • Fixed a bug with Norway tax compliance where reprinted receipts didn’t display the COPY label and allowed unlimited printing
  • Fixed a bug where orders failed to appear on the Lavu KDS app when other printers in a printer group are set to print items individually
  • Fixed a bug where applying generic and custom “Amount” type discounts both checks on a split order, after applying a payment to one of the checks
  • Fixed a rare bug where in certain scenarios a forced modifier page shows a 500 error 
  • Fixed a bug where POS freezes when tapping on the customer management field in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Low inventory’ report was not respecting the entered time range
  • Fixed a bug where auto gratuity charged on a card has totals in the Server Sales w/Tip Report
  • Fixed a bug where the Z Report and V1 EOD did not match
  • Fixed a bug where prices on menu items were rounding when 9+ digits were entered
  • Fixed a bug where Total Sales in EOD v1 included item discounts twice
  • Fixed a bug where EOD V1 Taxes were rounding incorrectly when taxes exceeded 1,000
  • Fixed a bug where AG Card is showing an inflated number in Server Sales w/ Tip Reports 

Lavu To Go

  • Fixed a bug where hours of operation displays incorrectly on LTG FE 
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in certain scenarios where tax was calculated incorrectly with some LTG orders

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