Lavu POS 4 - Quick Serve Order with Quick Pay

Quick Serve is the Service Type best suited for Counter-service establishments. It is fast and can be configured to reduce taps to even fewer than you will see in this video.

This video also features the use of Quick Pay buttons at checkout. These buttons allow you to quickly select the denomination of the bill the customer is using to pay for their order.

These instructions are for the NEW Lavu POS 4 App. Download it from the app store today!

  1. Tap the Group and Category containing the menu item
  2. Tap the menu item to add
  3. Tap on any Forced Modifiers
  4. Send the order to the kitchen
    1. Tap Checkout if your settings are configured for this option
    2. Or, tap Send to send the order to the kitchen and then tap Checkout
  5. Select the appropriate payment at checkout
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