Lavu POS 4 - Split a Meal and an Appetizer

This scenario shows how to split an appetizer evenly between two different checks. You first have to create separate checks and then split the appetizer evenly.

These instructions are for the NEW Lavu POS 4 App. Download it from the app store today!

Step 1: Create Separate Checks on the Order

  1. Open the order
  2. Tap Split at the top right of the order pad
  3. Tap the items that you will split into the new check
  4. Tap Split
  5. Tap New Check

Step 2: Split the Appetizer between the Checks 

  1. Tap Split at the top right of the order pad
  2. Tap the appetizer(s)
  3. Tap Split
  4. Tap Split Evenly

That's all there is to it. Now, you can take the order to check out and cash out each check separately. 

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