Lavu POS 4 - Void Item

You void an item in order to generate a Void Ticket in the kitchen. This is for occasions when a customer changes their mind after you have already sent the item to the kitchen.

These instructions are for the NEW Lavu POS 4 App. Download it from the app store today!

  1. Open the order
  2. Tap Checkout
  3. Tap the item to be voided
  4. Tap Void Item
  5. Enter an Admin Passcode if prompted
  6. Enter the number of items to void
  7. Tap the go > button
  8. Tap Yes to confirm


Void tickets require a setting be enabled. This is not a default status. Lavu owners and managers can adjust this setting in the control panel

  1. Open the CP to Settings > Printers/Technical > Printers/KDS 
  2. Check the box for Send void tickets to the kitchen...
  3. Click SAVE


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