Getting Started - Bolt EMV for Lavu Pay

There are a few steps to complete to get your new Bolt reader up and running.

  1. Set up the reader with a network connection and power.
  2. Contact the Lavu Onboarding team to set up the reader on your Lavu account and 
  3. Pair the reader with your Lavu POS app.
  4. Run a test transaction.



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Setting up the BOLT Reader

The BOLT reader is ‘plug and play’ in that it is super easy to set up. Follow these instructions in order for the easiest setup.

  1. Unbox the equipment
  2. Connect the Bolt network cable to an open port 
  3. Connect the Multipoint Interface Cable (power cable) into the Multipoint Port on the back of the Bolt P2PE.
  4. Wait for the reader to say ‘Bolted’.
  boltinitial.jpg      boltpower.jpg     bolted.jpg . 


Unbolted Message

Does your reader still say 'Unbolted' even after you have connected it to the network? This means that it does not have a connection to your network/internet.

  • Unplug the power and then plug it back in. Give the reader a few moments to register the network connection.
  • Ensure that your network is connected to the internet by opening a browser window and performing a quick search.
  • Try switching to a different port.

Contact the Lavu Onboarding Team

A member of the onboarding team will help to onboard the reader to your account and ensure all of your settings are correctly configured. You can:

  • Respond to the email sent out by the Lavu Account Manager
  • Email with your request
  • Call 855.767.5288

Pair the Reader

To 'pair' a reader with a Lavu POS terminal simply means assigning that reader to that iPad so that you can process transactions on it. Follow the instructions in this article to complete this action.

Run a Test Transaction

Running a test transaction will ensure that your Bolt reader will work when you need it. Follow the instructions in this linked article to complete a test transaction.


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