Troubleshooting - Bolt EMV for Lavu Pay


There are some basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow in order to resolve most issues with the Bolt reader. 

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You will only see the message ‘unbolted’ if the network connection is not working.

  • If the second, troubleshoot your network. Are you able to access the internet on other devices? Check the cables both to the Bolt and to the router. Ensuring that your reader has access to the internet will fix this problem.
    • You may need to unplug the reader from the power supply and then plug it back in for the network connection to pick up after you correct the cables.

http Error

This error requires assistance from Lavu Support. Please contact our team and inform them that you have an http error.

A Transaction Will Not Run

  • Ensure that you have paired with the correct terminal.
  • Ensure that your reader says ‘bolted’.
  • Double check your settings in the Lavu control panel.

Cannot Void/Refund

  • You cannot void after the autobatch time. Process a refund instead.
  • Refunds for Bolt transactions will need to be run 24 hours after the autobatch time.
  • You can void and refund transactions through Card Pointe.
    • Contact your Lavu Support team if you need assistance with this.
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