CP4 Beta April 2019 Release Notes

Product Updates for CP 4.0

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu 4.0 Control Panel

Enhancements Highlights

💚  New Tip Sharing configuration screen

💚  Improved overall performance of CP 4.0

💚  Additional metrics and options added to Dashboards

💚  Improved rendering of Schedules on mobile devices


Tip Sharing Configuration

Tip Sharing and Tip Withholding can now be easily configured within the employee class. Simply go to Workforce > Settings > Employee Classes > Add or Select an employee class > Click on Tip Out, Tip Pooling or Tip Withholding accordingly.

Tip Out will allow you to distribute a percentage of tips collected by the employee class with other employee classes (e.g. Server pays tip out to Host).

Tip Pooling will allow you to share tips among a single employee class (e.g. Server).

Tip Withholding will allow you to set a percentage aside to cover the cost of operations.


Additional documentation can be found here.

Improved overall performance of CP 4.0

We have made several tweaks to CP 4.0 to improve the performance of certain areas including EOD, User settings, and Login.

New metric included in the Labor Cost Chart

The Labor Cost chart will now include a trend for labor cost as a percentage of sales to help customers identify when their labor cost has exceeded their sales for the given hour.


Sort Option added to the Net Sales by Staff Chart

A sort option has been added to the Net Sales by Staff chart to allow users to sort by Net Sales or Per Person Average (PPA).

Schedules on Mobile Devices

Improved rendering of Schedules on mobile devices so that customers are able to review schedules for their employees. Adding or editing schedules from a Mobile device is still not fully supported.


Option to Remove Employee Class

You can now remove an employee class that is no longer being used on active employees. If the class is still associated with an active employee, you will not be able to remove it until it’s disassociated from the employee.

Review Tips Modal Now Using Currency Settings

The Review Tips modal has been enhanced to respect currency settings set for the location.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where having multiple shifts per day for a single user was causing issues with Hours In Overtime


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