Overview - Bolt EMV for Lavu Pay

Bolt Ingenico iPP320 Terminal Overview


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The Ingenico iPP 320 or, Bolt reader, is the EMV solution for LavuPay. This lightning-quick reader is easy to set up and to us and it will help protect you against chargebacks and fraudulent charges.

Payment Types

  • EMV (Chip)
  • Swipe
  • NFC (tap to pay)


  • Tip Adjust (in Lavu App and in Lavu CP)
  • Pre-AUTH
  • Voids
  • Refunds



Bolt is compatible with Lavu 3.9.7 and higher.

  • LLS – NO
  • Mobile – NO
  • Ethernet – YES
  • Canada – NO
  • Lavu Signature on Screen - YES
  • Lavu Tip Screen – YES
  • Lavu Customer Display – YES
  • Lavu Retro – NO
  • Lavu Gift/Loyalty - NO
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