Transaction Workflows - Bolt EMV for Lavu Pay

Completing a swiped, tapped, or chip payment with the Bolt Reader is super simple! Simply take the order to the checkout screen, tap the payment button, and complete the transaction.



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These instructions are for the NEW Lavu 4.0 App. Download it from the app store today!

  1. Tap Checkout
  2. Tap CREDIT/EMV/CREDIT EMV to initiate the transaction on the reader
  3. Press the green button on the reader to confirm the sale amount
  4. Insert, tap, or swipe the method of payment
  5. Have the customer sign/tip on the receipt or on the screen

Manual Transaction

Manual transactions, where you type in the credit card numbers rather than using the card reader require a different workflow. 


  1. Tap Checkout
  2. Tap CARD
  3. Enter the card data (the CVN is on the back of the card)
  4. Tap Go
  5. Follow the popups to complete the transaction

NOTE: Contact the Lavu Support team if you need to run manual transactions on your account and you do not have the CARD button available to use in your checkout screen. You can run transactions in your CardPointe Virtual terminal or in your CardPointe app if you need to complete a transaction immediately and cannot wait to speak with a tech support agent.


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