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Pre-authorization, or Pre-auth, is used to place a hold on a pre-determined amount of money in your customer's account. It also creates a pathway to your customer's bank which means that at the end of the meal you can re-run the transaction for the correct amount without having to run the physical card. You simply capture the authorization.


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You are able to use pre-auth with the Bolt EMV reader with a few stipulations:

  • You must be careful with Tip Entry. Tapping or clicking the Submit button will close out all of your pre-auth transactions, even if you have not yet added the tip amount to it. There are detailed instructions on how to avoid this in this article.
  • Orders whose final amount is the exact same amount as was run in the pre-auth will automatically close when you take them to the checkout screen. At that point, you will need to reopen the order, take it to checkout, capture the authorization, and then re-close the order.
  • You should not participate in the CP4 beta while using pre-auths with the Bolt reader.
  • You must capture authorizations for the entire day using the Control Panel every day.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Card Integration
  2. Set your Default transaction type to Auth
  3. Scroll down to the Lavu Integrated Payments Settings
  4. Set the Tap PreAuth Capture front end workflow to Rely solely on backend capture


App Workflow 

Step 1


  1. Open the Tabs service type and create a tab
  2. Tap the green button on the reader to confirm pre-auth amount
  3. Swipe/insert the card and wait for pre-authorization
  4. Add items to the order
  5. Save the order or Send it to the kitchen

Step 2

  1. Take order to Checkout when ready
  2. Tap Capture Authorization in the order pad
  3. Follow the prompts

Tips when using Pre-Auth


Tip entry in the app when using pre-authorization is handled the same as in any other scenario EXCEPT for you must not hit Submit until every last order has had its tip entered. Hitting Submit prior to this point will close out all pre-auth transactions in your account and require that you adjust tips on the remaining transactions using the CardPoint portal.

Tips can be entered through the app and through the control panel. Review the Tip Entry for Bolt article for assistance with this. 

Capture Authorizations

You must capture authorizations in the Control Panel at the end of the day. This must be completed before your autobatch time and after you have entered all tips for the day.

  1. Navigate to V1 End of Day report
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select All Users
  3. Confirm tip amounts
  4. Click Submit Tips/Capture Authorizations


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