April 2019 Release

Product Updates

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu

Enhancements Highlights

💚 Updates to Lavu Integrated Payments (LIP)

💚 New design for “Take Deposit/Pay in Full” on checkout screen

💚 Updated Kiosk splash screen

💚 Redesigned printer settings in Kiosk

💚 Redesign for updating and pairing bluetooth readers to Kiosk stations

💚 New Pizza Creator in Lavu To Go 2.0

💚 Several bug fixes for POS 4.0, Kios, Lavu To Go


POS 4.0

New and Improved Modifier Flow

The item ordering and modifier flow has been redesigned to allow for a more intuitive and logical flow between modifier choices. This allows for automatic transitions between modifier lists and easy editing.


New “Take Deposit/Pay in Full”

We have updated the deposit experience in the POS to allow users to select "Take Deposit" or "Pay in Full" when closing a deposit-eligible order.

LIP Updates

We have implemented several features that will prevent users from manually settling a batch with uncaptured transactions, and we’ve improved visibility of pending transactions in cases where the gateway response takes longer than usual.


New Kiosk Splash Screen

The new Kiosk splash screen provides customers the ability to display images and details of menu items, as well as choose the dining option related to a customer’s order.

Redesigned printer settings in Kiosk

Managers will now see “disconnected” in Kiosk printer settings when no printers are assigned. They will also have the ability to review pertinent information about the printers such as the printer name, IP and port, model, and assignment.

Redesign for updating and pairing Bluetooth readers at Kiosk stations  

Managers will now know if a PayPal account has been set up, whether the card reader has been set up, and if an update is needed to the reader.

Control Panel 4.0 (Beta)

Updates to Dashboard Charts

We have updated most of the charts in the Dashboard to show all data points and accumulate the data at the next hour.

Unsupported Browser

Now customers who are trying to work in the control panel from unsupported browsers will be notified to use a different browser.

Bug Fixes

POS 4.0

  • Fixed a bug where tip out amounts were not appearing on Server Summary
  • Fixed a bug where tip out and tip share rules were not respecting users assigned multiple employee classes
  • Fixed a bug where orders were not appearing under Lavu To Go tab after the  order was received by the POS
  • Fixed a bug where a voided custom payment method was showing on server summaries
  • Fixed a bug where the tip out breakdown was duplicating users on a printed server summary
  • Fixed a bug where the Usage and Sales by Item with Mods reports were not matching
  • Fixed a rare bug where combo options were not saving when a user was using the Spanish Language Pack
  • Fixed a bug where the V1 Group sales and V2 Super Groups after discount reports were not matching
  • Fixed a bug where the selected Lavu Loyalty App customer’s name is not displayed on the order screen
  • Fixed a bug where the complete IP address could not be entered when setting up a Customer Facing Display
  • Fixed a rare bug where moving an item to a new tab after splitting the check into a new order causes the app to crash
  • Fixed a rare bug where discount amount would change after closing an order with split checks

Control Panel 4.0 (Beta)

  • Fixed a bug for Time Card filter in Most Employee Classes
  • Fixed the unexpected session termination when a php module is opened too quickly


  • Fixed a rare crash when deleting a mod that is in use
  • Fixed a bug in which notification pops up that print was successful, but receipt never prints
  • Fixed a bug where the last selected category is being displayed as selected, but displaying items belonging to another category
  • Fixed a bug where performing discounts using meal plan on kiosk causes an overpayment on the POS app
  • Fixed a bug where the previous detour selection on modifier group affecting subsequent selection

Lavu To Go 2.0

  • Fixed a bug where menu categories were not displaying in their configured order
  • Fixed a bug where pins were not added to the Google maps view when selecting location
  • Fixed a bug where the LTG website allowed orders to be placed one day in advance even when the setting was enabled not to allow orders in advance to be placed
  • Fixed multiple bugs with special characters in menu items
  • Fixed a bug where the cart total was not calculating correctly
  • Fixed a rare bug where kitchen receipts were not automatically printing for Lavu To Go orders
  • Fixed a bug where items were marked as “Out of Stock” if the quantity for an order brought the inventory count to 0
  • Fixed a bug where certain screen sizes distorted when the Spanish language pack is used
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