June 25th Release Notes

June 25, 2019

Product Updates

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu.

Enhancement Highlights

💚 Early Access Program of Control Panel 4.0 for U.S. Customers

💚 LTG Delivery fees now printing on the Z Report

💚 Tipouts and refunds are now automatically included on the Server Summary


POS 4.0

LTG Delivery fees printed on Z Report

Delivery fees associated with Lavu-to-Go orders are now reflected on the Z Report.

Tipouts and refunds are now printed on the Server Summary automatically

Tipouts and tip refunds are now printed on the Server Summary without prompting servers to enter tip out amounts prior to printing server summary. 


Control Panel 4.0

Early Access Program for U.S. Customers

With this release, we are officially starting the Early Access Program of Control Panel 4 for U.S. customers.  We will be incrementally adding access to approximately 200 clients per day with their country set to United States in the Company settings to be able to switch to Control Panel 4.  

A complete guide to the new Control Panel can be found by clicking here


Accounts with Billing Issues or Expired Trials

After this release, accounts with billing issues or trials that have expired will not be able to use CP 4.0 until the account is fixed. Once any of the users log in to Control Panel, the account will be switched back to the previous version of CP. We will add support for users to fix their account issues from Control Panel in a future release. 

Schedule Notes

We have added the ability to view and add notes to the schedule for the week. Notes added to the schedule in the previous version of Control Panel will also be visible in CP 4.0. 


Shift Coverage Indicator

When coverage is pending to be accepted for a shift, we will now show a label in the shift card that says "Pending". 


Bug Fixes

Control Panel 4.0

  • We now allow the first and last name fields to have special characters.

POS 4.0.5

  • Fixed an issue where item discounts were not showing on receipts for combined items. 
  • Fixed an issue where forced modifier happy hours were not working in 4.0.2 
  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to enter the exchange rate on the number pad
  • Fixed an issue where equivalent items were not combined on receipts/checks printed 
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to void payments on Moneris readers from closed orders. 
  • Fixed an issue where printing the check from the table layout results in loader remaining on screen
  • Fixed an issue where the quantity forced modifier was forcing users to input an item count in decimal form 
  • Fixed an issue where the decimal button was not displayed on the quantity number pad for the weight forced modifier
  • Fixed an issue where gift card sales incorrectly calculated on X/Z Report 
  • Fixed an issue where dual cash drawer tills were incorrectly assigned. 
  • Fixed an issue where item discounts were not being calculated for Super Groups on the Z-Report 
  • Fixed an issue where PayPal onboarding failed in the last step. 
  • Fixed an issue where locations were experiencing lag when editing menu on CP
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to use the same email between multiple accounts. 
  • Fixed an issue where tip sharing percentages were not an integer
  • Fixed an issue where V1 Cash Sales report was not respecting Day Start/End Time 
  • Fixed an issue where happy hour pricing was still being affected when there should be no effect on modifiers. 
  • Fixed an issue where tipout amount was not displaying on server summary 


  • Fixed an issue where nutrition information was not converting properly
  • Fixed an issue where detour prices were not displayed on the Order Summary 
  • Fixed an issue where orders processed on the Kiosk were not able to be resent to the Kitchen in the POS
  • Fixed an issue where the Kiosk was allowing items to be added without selecting required forced modifiers


Lavu To Go 2.0

  • Fixed an issue where long item descriptions’ text was cut off on mobile devices 
  • Fixed case sensitivity of URL for accessing LTG site
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to access order history
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to place two first names when checking out 
  • Fixed an issue where setting the number of days to place an order to 0 still resulted in orders being placed a day in advance
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a modifier caused list to scroll to the bottom without being able to select others
  • Fixed an issue where LTG was unable to accept alphanumeric zip/postal code
  • Fixed an issue where LTG orders were being received on the POS outside of availability hours 
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