Welcome to the New Control Panel

Welcome to the Control Panel (CP4)

Welcome to CP4, the new Lavu Control Panel. We have redesigned the Control Panel, or CP, to better meet your business needs. It is:

  • Reorganized so that your most commonly used features are up front and easy to access. The settings that control these features are now all in one place to minimize the need to change pages. We’ve set out to make your business quicker and easier to manage.
  • Modernized using up-to-the-minute UX frameworks. This means that we’ve redesigned our Control Panel so that it is cleaner, simpler, and easier to use. And, it also looks nicer.
  • Designed and built using our latest tech stack.

We are launching CP4 with three new modules: End of Day, Workforce, and Transactions. The rest of the modules and pages that you are already familiar with will remain the same for this initial release. We will redesign and launch each of these remaining sections over the course of 2019. Let’s begin with an overview of how to navigate CP4.

Logging In

This is our redesigned login screen.



Logging into the Lavu CP will take you directly to your Home page.


You can tell that you are on the Home page by checking the tag in our new navigation panel.



Accessing Modules

You can change modules, or views, by clicking on their title in the navigation panel.

Minimizing the Navigation Panel

Click on the hamburger menu icon to minimize or maximize the navigation panel.


Account Options

You can log out or access your account information by clicking on the drop-down with your username in the top right corner of the screen.


Returning to the Original Control Panel

You can easily switch between CP4 and the original control panel if you need to. First, click on Settings in the navigation panel.

Then, click on Go back to old Lavu and follow the prompts.


Re-enter CP4 Early Access

Of course, once you are done in the old Control Panel, you will want to return to CP4. Simply click the option in the banner at the top of the old CP to return to the new version.


A full PDF user guide can be found below:

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