Control Panel 4 End of Day - Review Tips & CC Batching

Review Tips & CC Batching

This section of the module does exactly what its name says it does. You can review and edit tips submitted by your servers through the app, add tips that have not been added, and submit these tips to your processor. You can also use this page to capture authorizations (if you are using AUTH transactions) and manually settle your batch for the day.


For those of you familiar with the old Lavu Control Panel, these steps were formerly carried out in the End of Day – V1 Report and All Users breakdown of the same report.

End of Day – Order of Operations

Whether you are new to managing a business or a pro, credit card processing and tips can be a bit perplexing at times. The easiest way to make sure that your end of day goes smoothly is to follow the below checklist.

  • Ensure that all orders are closed
  • Gather your credit card receipts and sort them by staff member.
  • Open the End of Day – Review Tips & CC Batching page.
  • Submit the appropriate tips for each server using the instructions in the Reviewing Tips section (This step can be bypassed if your servers enter tips in the Lavu POS app.)
  • Capture Authorizations (You can skip this step if your processor uses the SALE transaction type. You will not have a button available to complete this step.)
  • Settle the batch. You can do this manually using the SETTLE BATCH button in the Review Tips & CC Batching page OR contact your gateway to setup an auto-batch to run each day well after the close of your business day.


Reviewing Tips

The tips section displays a summary of tips earned by all staff who were clocked in during the date range you have set. You can click on the Review button to review and edit the server’s tips.



This will open a smaller window with all of that server’s orders and tips. The window has white boxes for tip entries (No. 1), scroll bars to view the entire row of order information (No. 2), and a button to Submit Tips (No. 3). (Note: the vertical scroll bar appears to the right of the window when there is a need to scroll.)


Using this window is as simple as:

  1. Entering the correct tips in the box
  2. Clicking Submit Tips.

You can make changes to tips for most processors up until the point that you settle your batch. You must contact your processor to add tips to a transaction if you have already settled the batch with the transaction that needs to be adjusted.

CC Batching

Speaking of settling batches, this page allows you to manually settle your batches. The next section of the article is written specifically for merchants using the SALE transaction type. Please skip to the section called Capturing Authorizations and Settling Batches if you are using the AUTH transaction type.

Hint: Unsure of which transaction type you use? Just look at your Card Integration Settings. Then, look at your Default transaction type setting.


Manual Batch Settlement

Settling your batch manually is simple with the new CP. Simply submit tips for each of your servers and then click the SETTLE BATCH button.

Now that you’ve closed out your credit card transactions for the day, it’s time to take a look at your time cards and make sure that everything looks good. Click this link to skip directly to this section as you do not need to read about capturing authorizations unless you use the AUTH transaction type.


Capturing Authorizations and Settling Batches

You must capture authorizations if you are using the AUTH transaction type. This is what will actually pull the money out of your customers’ banks and add it to your merchant batch. The Review Tips & CC Batching page will automatically adjust to suit your needs based on your Credit Card Integration Settings. Your page will look like the image below if you are using AUTH and there are authorizations to capture. You will not see the CAPTURE AUTHORIZATIONS button if there are no authorizations to capture.


  1. Notice that there are no tips in the Review Tips section. This is because there are no open transactions for the selected date (1/8/19).
  2. Below that is a warning. This warning will only appear if you have an uncaptured transaction. This means that you that you settled your batch before capturing all authorizations for the date(s) indicated. This account neglected to capture all authorizations on 12/20/2018. They would need to adjust their date range in the Review Tips & CC Batching page to this date, submit the tips on the open transactions, capture authorizations, and then settle the batch.
  3. Next is the CAPTURE AUTHORIZATION button. Click this button after you have submitted tips for all of the servers with transactions.
  4. The final step is the SETTLE BATCH button. All accounts, regardless of credit card integration, will have this button. This is how to manually settle your batch through Lavu. You may also have the option to auto-batch depending on your gateway and/or processor. Contact your merchant representative for your credit card processing or review your online merchant portal to set this up.

Now that you’ve closed out your credit card transactions for the day, it’s time to take a look at your time cards and make sure that everything looks good.


A full PDF user guide can be found below:

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