Control Panel 4 Transactions - Payments

Payments Page

The Payments page contains a filterable view of payments by order for your location.


Note: This page is for viewing payment information. You must void payments from the app or through your processor. Tip submission, authorization capture, and manual batching are all available in the End of Day module.


You can search for specific payments by any of the displayed information in the report. This is a great resource when you are trying to locate an order paid for with a specific card.

You can use the Filters button to filter payments by:

  • Payment Date Range – When did you receive the payment?
  • Server – Who opened the order?
  • Order Status – Is the order open, closed, merged, reopened, reclosed, voided?
  • Cashier – Who took payment on the order?


Filtering Payments

  1. Open the Transactions – Payments page
  1. Click the Filters button
  1. Select the filters that you want to apply
  1. Click Apply

Review Order Details

Clicking on a payment summary will open the Order Details. Read this section for complete details on this feature.

Transactions Summary

This new module consists of the Orders and Payments pages and is a great resource for managing your business. Review and export information, void orders, reprint receipts, and more in this brand new addition to the Lavu Control Panel.


A full PDF guide can be found below:

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