Navigating the Rest of the Control Panel

Navigating the Rest of Control Panel 4.0

This document has introduced you to our three new modules: End of Day, Workforce, and Transactions. But, what about the rest?

Well, for now, the rest remain the same as they were in the former Control Panel with a few small tweaks.

Navigation Panel Changes

The first tweak is the Navigation Panel. In old Lavu, the navigation panel was on the top of the page and it could not be minimized. (Some of you may have had the screen where it was situated on the left.)


Now, as we noted in the Navigation section, the navigation panel is on the left of your screen and you can minimize it by tapping the hamburger menu next to the name of your Restaurant.


Settings Changes

Another small tweak we made is in the way we’ve broken up the different groups of settings. Rather than display them all in mass just below the navigation bar at the top, we’ve given each group a page in the navigation panel.

As an illustration of this change, the next section walks you through how to access the old version of the employee class settings.



Reporting Changes

The first thing you may notice is that we no longer have a V1 End of Day report. This is because the functions fulfilled by that report (tip submission, authorization capture, and manual batching) are now fulfilled by the End of Day module.

The next thing you may notice is that we have grouped our reports by their primary function, such as Sales & Payments. We did this in order to make navigating and reading reports less complicated.



That’s about the extent of the changes we’ve made to existing pages that have been carried over into the new Lavu. For now. We continue to redevelop our product and have many new modules on the way to make your experience with Lavu even better.


A full PDF guide can be found below:

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