Control Panel 4 End of Day - Overview

CP4 End of Day Module

The End of Day module is brand new and designed with your work processes in mind. We’ve combined the three major focuses of your end of shift duties into one easy to use module: Overview, Review Tips & CC Batching, and Manage Time Cards.



Overview is the first, or landing, page of the End of Day module. This page is meant to give you a quick, concise overview of your day of business. This information was formerly available in the V2 End of Day report shown in the screen capture below.


Summary and Detail

As you can see, the older reports were a bit overcrowded with information. We’ve maintained that level of detail in the new Overview report. We show you the summary to keep the information easy to read quickly. You can access the details by expanding the view for each section of the report.
Summary and Detail






Adjusting the Report Date

This section is applicable across all of our new modules; the Report Date selector maintains the same location on each page and is used in the same way.



The default setting for the Report Date is Today. Changing this to select a different day or range is as simple as clicking on the drop-down arrow and selecting the day or range you are interested in. Click on Custom Range to open a date selector. You can use either the calendars or the text entry boxes.


Printing Reports

You can send the selected data to a .csv file (which you can open using Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or an open-source spreadsheet program) by clicking on the Export (CSV) button. Click on the drop-down if you want the option to view a printable report in another browser tab.


Overview Advantages

As you can see, we have made a number of improvements to the way we present your valuable end of day business information.

  • Improved data presentation through simplification
  • Easy to use date and printing tools
  • Easy switching between summary and detailed information

And, the Overview is just the beginning of the new End of Day module. Let’s take a look at how we input tips and manually batch our credit card transactions in the new Lavu.


A full PDF user guide can be found below:

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