Control Panel 4 End of Day - Manage Time Cards

Manage Time Cards

The new Manage Time Cards page has been added to two modules in our new CP: End of Day and Workforce. This page provides the same functionality you found in the V1 Time Cards report with an improved look and simpler interface.


You can use this page to:

  • Review time cards
  • Create a punch if somebody forgot to clock in for the entire day
  • Export your time cards to a .csv file
  • Edit a punch if somebody forgot to clock back in from break or forgot to clock out

You may have noticed that each of the pages we’ve looked at so far have had similar features. For example, the Date Range selector and Export (CSV) buttons are in the same location on each page.

In addition to these tools, Manage Time Cards also features a dropdown labeled Employee Class. Use this tool to filter your time cards by the employee class, or position, the employee worked that day. For instance, you can review your time cards by Cook or Server.

The Create Timecard button is right next to the Employee Class filter. You can use this feature to correct an employee’s missed punch.  025_Filter_Time_Cards.png

Each time card is displayed as a Summary. Click on the carrot to expand the time card to a Detail view.



You can use Expand All at the top of the time cards view to quickly expand each time card record to the detail view. Once you’ve expanded, this button will change to Collapse All.




That’s the overview of the Manage Time Cards page. Remember that you will find this page in both the End of Day Module and in the Workforce Module. Next, we’ll take a brief look at some step-by-step instructions for completing tasks in the Manage Time Cards page.


Create Timecard

Remember that this is how you would correct an employee’s time card if they forgot to clock in for their entire shift.

  • Open the End of Day module > Manage Time Cards page
  • Select the employee from the Employee dropdown

HINT Selecting All Employees is a great way to create a time card for all of your employees at the same time. Use this option for company training days.

  • Select the Clock In and Clock Out dates
  • Enter the Clock In and Clock Out times and AM/PM for each entry

HINT ‘hh:mm’ indicates that you must enter two digits for each section. For example, if my employee clocked in at 9:05, I would enter ’09:05’.

  • Select the Employee Class if the employee has multiple assigned classes

HINT Employee Classes can be tied to different pay rates, so you can compensate your employees commensurate with the service they performed.

  • Click Save


Edit a Time Card

Use these instructions if your employee makes a mistake, like forgetting to clock out at the end of their shift.


  1. Open the End of Day module > Manage Time Cards page
  2. Click on the carrot to expand the employee’s time card to the detail view
  3. Review any warnings by hovering over the icon
  4. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the time card to scroll to the right (this may not be necessary)
  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the shift
  6. Enter the appropriate information in the date, time, or class fields
  7. Click Save


End of Day Conclusion

The End of Day module is your one-stop-shop for closing out your business day. You can:

  • Review your sales, payments, and reconciliation for the day.
  • Submit tips, capture authorizations (when necessary), and manually settle your batch.
  • Review, create, and edit time cards for your employees.

Please continue on to review our next new module, Workforce.


A full PDF user guide can be found below:

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