Control Panel 4 Workforce - Manage Users Page

Manage Users Page

This page is the bread and butter of your workforce. This is where you will:

  • Create and Edit Users
  • Adjust User Access
  • Reset pins and passwords
  • Assign pay rates and employee roles


We’ll begin our tour of this page by helping you to understand what you are seeing in this screen.

Manage Users – Page Orientation



Just click on the drop down in the Employee Class filter to select the class you would like to view.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what you are seeing, let’s create a user from scratch.

Adding a New User

There are two buttons that will start the user creation process. Feel free to click whichever one you like.


This will open the Add New User box.

Scroll through and enter the applicable information. Here are the play-by-play instructions:

  • Open the Workforce – Manage Users page
  • Click +Add New User
  • Enter the employee’s First and Last Name (required)
  • Enter a unique Username for the employee (required)
    • We recommend that you create a naming convention for your restaurant to make this easier. For example, I use "fifth.<firstname>.<lastinitial>" (e.g. fifth.alana.h) for my restaurant’s naming convention. This helps to ensure that my user name is unique across all of Lavu.


  • Enter a unique PIN number for the user (required)
    • This must be unique to your restaurant. If your PIN is 1234, then you cannot assign that same PIN to another user. This is how users are identified in the app and granted to appropriate level of access.


  • Scroll down to see the next set of information to enter
  • Enter a Password that is at least 8 digits in length (required)
    • This is used to login to the app,, the Control Panel, and other Lavu applications


  • Are you using the RFID reader? If so, enter the information indicated in the box. (optional)
  • Scroll down again
  • You can choose to either use only a Pay Rate OR to use a pay rate in conjunction with an Employee Class (optional)


    • We recommend creating employee classes and using them because it allows you to track your labor rate more closely and to pay employees variable pay rates depending on the work they perform.
    • You will need to create the Employee Classes before you can assign them to a user.
  • Scroll down again
  • Click on the appropriate Access Level for the user (required)
    • Please read the level description to the right to ensure that you pick the right level for the employee.


  • The default setting for the next section is Active. Leave this alone unless you are adding a user prior to them becoming an active employee at your establishment. (required)
  • Scroll down
  • Enter Contact Information (optional)


  • Do you have multiple locations chained together in Lavu? Select the Location you want the user to have access to or leave it in its default status (optional)
  • Select a different Language Package if your employee is more comfortable speaking a language that is different from the rest of your crew (optional)
    • The app and Control Panel will display this language when the employee logs/PINs in.


  • Set a Default User Order Type in this dropdown (optional)
    • Example: Bartenders are set to the default type of Tabs and Servers are set to the default type Tables.
  • Do you use the Tables view and have multiple rooms? Set a Room/Floor User Works if they generally work a specific room (optional)
  • Scroll down again
  • Expand the Custom section.
  • Enter the External employee ID (optional)

  • Click Save

And, we’re done. User created. Feel free to skip the optional steps for a speedier setup.


Editing a User

Once you have created a user, you may want to go back and edit specific information. This is super simple. Just click on the name of the user you want to edit and then use the gray drop down arrow to expand the section with the information you need to edit.


  • Open the Workforce – Manage Users page
  • Select the user you want to edit (Barb Lowe is selected in the image above)
  • Click the drop-down arrow to expand the appropriate section
  • Click Update when you are done

De-activate a User

Did your seasonal hire go back to school? Or, is someone on an extended leave of absence? Don’t delete their profile, just make them inactive.

  • Open the Workforce – Manage Users page
  • Select the user you want to edit
  • Click the dropdown arrow to expand the Manage access section
  • Click Inactive
  • Click Update


That should give you a great start on managing your users. Let’s take a look at how to create a schedule for your restaurant.


A full PDF user guide can be found below:

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