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This page is leaps and bounds above the capacity of our old control panel. It’s cleaner, more functional, and more intuitive. It’s also free.


Scheduling – Page Orientation





Actions Button

This drop-down is located at the top right of the scheduling page. It gives you the options to:

  • Duplicate a previous week – use this action to quickly import schedules from previous weeks.
  • Print – the current schedule.
  • Hide Estimated Pay – use this action before printing your schedule for your employees to view.


Now that we’ve completed the overview, let’s look at how to build a schedule.

Add/View Notes  

This option is located at the top right of the scheduling page. It gives you the options to view and add notes for the week being scheduled. These notes will not show for the employees in the Portal, they are meant to be internal.


Adding Shifts

The shift in this example includes multiple employees, serving in multiple roles (Employee Classes), copied to multiple days. It makes use of all of the functionality of this new scheduling tool. You can easily adapt the instructions here to create less complicated, or more complicated, schedules.

You will need to click on the + New Shift button on the day that you want to start on to launch the scheduler. This example begins on Monday.


  1. Open the Workforce – Scheduling Module
  2. Click on + New Shift
  3. Select the first Employee
  4. Select the Class they will work as during the shift
  5. Click + Add Employee
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until all employees are added
  7. Enter the From and To times
  8. Click on all of the days the shift will Copy to
  9. Click Add Shift



That’s all there is to it! Remember to have your employees check out to see their schedule online and request coverage.

Next, we’ll look at the Settings page that helps determine how the rest of these pages function.


A full PDF guide can be found below:

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