Control Panel 4 Transactions - Orders

Control Panel 4 Transactions Module - Orders

The new Lavu Transactions module is your one stop shop for reviewing, emailing, and printing orders and payments. The information in this module used to be located in V1 and V2 reports.



This module features two pages: Orders and Payments. We’ll start with Orders first.

Orders Page

The Orders page contains a filterable view of orders, or sales, for your location. Each row is a separate order. In addition to standard order information, you will now also see information popups, such as the red warning indicator on the bottom order.


Hovering over the warning icon will open a popup indicating the issue with the order. In this case, this order is unpaid.


Search and Filter Options

We have created a new search bar at the top of the orders screen. Use this to search by any of the data that you see displayed. Just type your search term and press return/enter.


I searched for orders opened by my server, Noah. The page displays the orders and lets me know how many orders meet the search criteria.


The date range selector has been moved to the Filters button to the right of the search bar. Click on the button to open the filter options.


You can filter by:

  • Date Type – Was the order opened on the date in question or closed on that date?
  • Order Status – Is the order open, closed, merged, reopened, reclosed, voided?
  • Cashier – Who took payment on the order?
  • Date Range – When was the order created?
  • Server – Who opened the order?


Filtering Orders

  • Open the Transactions – Orders page
  • Click the Filters button
  • Select the filters that you want to apply
  • Click Apply

Export Function

The Export button is located to the right of the Filters button. It will export a CSV file containing order information. You will need to select the orders to export and then click the button in order for this to work. Clicking the box in the header row (Order #,  Status, Opened Time, ) will select all of the orders on the page. Clicking the box next to the order will export that order only.


Exporting a Report

  • Open the Transactions – Orders page
  • Select the order(s) you want to export by selecting the appropriate blue box(es)
  • Click the Export button
  • Your report will download automatically. Open it using Numbers, Excel, Google Sheets, or an opensource spreadsheet viewer

Void Options

To ‘void’ an order in Lavu is to remove the order from your sales total. You would do this if you ran orders to test your new kitchen printer, or if you were training staff on how to send orders, or if you had a customer who placed an order only to discover that they had left their wallet at home.

You can void orders from the Lavu POS application if you choose to leave the VOID button in your checkout layout. This, however, is not the best option if you have multiple orders to void or if you removed the VOID button from the app for security reasons. So, we’ve built this functionality into the new Transactions – Orders page.



Voiding Orders

Note: You will need to void and/or refund payments on any paid orders that you would like to void.

Warning: This action cannot be undone without the assistance of a developer. You would need to pay a developer fee to restore an erroneously voided order.

  • Open the Transactions – Orders page
  • Select the order(s) you want to void by selecting the appropriate blue box(es)
  • Click the Void Selected button
  • Click the Void Orders button


Order Details

The order view that populates when you first open the Orders page is a Summary of the order.


Click on the order to view the Details of the order.

The Order Details pane will open to the right. It contains:


  • Order Details – Table information, status, server, cashier, times, and totals.
  • Payment Details -- What was the total and how many checks was this order split into.
  • Order Totals – Subtotal, tips, auto gratuity, discounts, and taxes.
  • Order Items – Includes all of the items and modifiers on the order.

Clicking on the expansion arrow to the right side of each section will provide additional details.

Use the Action Menu at the top right of the Order Details to:

  • Re-Open/Close Order (in the app)
  • Void Order
  • View & Print the Receipt


Understanding the Orders Page

The orders page is all about your sales. Who opened what order, is it paid, and what is its status? You can:

  • Review orders
  • Search and filter to find specific orders
  • View summary and detailed order information
  • Void orders
  • Export order data
  • Re-open/Re-close orders in the Lavu POS app
  • View and print order receipts



Please contact your Lavu Support Specialist for additional guidance on this page.

Next, we will explore the Transactions-Payments page.


A full PDF guide can be found below:

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