July 2019 Release Notes

Product Updates

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu.

Enhancement Highlights

💚 New Kiosk settings and customization options

💚 Option to default pre-authorization for tabs


POS 4.0

Option to have Pre-Authorization turned on by default 

We have updated the behavior of the "Pre-Authorize Card" toggle option so that if this setting is enabled, then the Pre-authorize Card toggle will be enabled by default for all new tabs created.


Offline order syncing for Lavu 4

When using Lavu 4.1.0, we have implemented a new syncing engine that will allow orders to sync while offline. Reach out to Customer Care for more information on getting this enhancement enabled for your account, or click here to read more.


Control Panel 4.0

New date picker with preset dates

A new and improved date picker has been implemented in Control Panel 4 across all modules making it easier to select single dates, date ranges and preset dates.


Kiosk settings and customization options

We have added the ability to set up and customize your Kiosk screen so that it meets your specific needs and provide a better experience to your customers. 


Dining options- Select the dining options allowed for kiosk orders.

Order timeout duration- Configure in seconds, how much time of inactivity the customer can have before the order is cleared and the customer is returned to the start screen. We recommend you have timeout enabled so your customers don’t need to tap “Start over” in order to start their own order if someone abandons their order.

Receipt printers-  Add and manage your receipt printers to be used for Kiosk. 

Payment gateway provider-  Configure your gateway provider to allow customers to make payments directly on the Kiosk. 

Theme color-  Personalize your LavuKiosk to match your brand by setting a theme color from our extensive color palette or by adding the Hex color code. 

Start screen-  Edit the screen customers first see when approaching your LavuKiosk.

Checkout fields-  Modify your customer’s checkout experience by customizing it to your unique needs by adding custom input fields of different types. 

Allow customer tipping-  Determine whether tipping is allowed or not for order placed from the Kiosk. 


Bug Fixes

POS 4.1.0

  • Fixed an issue for directing combos in modifier group.
  • Fixed an issue where pizza creator was not working as a detour in a modifier group for POS 4.0 version.
  • Fixed an issue regarding meal period with time issue.
  • Fixed an issue in custom payment which allows overpayment on card transaction.
  • Fixed an issue of pizza creator which was unable to edit modifier in modifier group.
  • Fixed an issue which was auto-redirecting to next modifier when detour has been selected as a forced modifier in checklist.
  • Fixed an issue which was showing duplicate payment on customer receipt while using new PayPal reader.

Control Panel

  • Fixed an issue with employee classes causing it to not be removed from the server once the class was removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the keyboard in Lavu manager log causing the keyboard to not stay on screen.
  • Fixed an issue with custom language translation which was not working after switching back from a chain location.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering in Inventory was not working properly.
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