LavuPay - Onboard Your Account

Now that you have signed up with LavuPay, we will want to go through the on-boarding process for your account; that way we can make sure everything is configured to exactly the way it should be.

Please note that this process will require 2 steps to be done beforehand.

  1. You will need to make sure you are using the updated version of the Admin Control Panel, known as Control Panel 4. Click here for more information about updating to the new Control Panel and how to use it.
  2. Before the new on-boarding wizard can be used on your account, you will need to have the LavuPay Extension enabled by a Lavu Admin. Please call our support line at 855-528-8457, or email us at, to have a Lavu Admin enable the extension. You can also choose to chat with a support representative through our website.

Now that you are using the new updated version of the Admin Control Panel, and the extension has been enabled by a Lavu Admin, we are ready to get started with on-boarding your account with LavuPay.

Starting the On-boarding Process

To start the on-boarding process, you will want to click on Settings on the side navigation panel, then click LavuPay.


Now, you can click on either of the two blue Setup buttons on this page to begin.


Gateway Authentication

The first step will require you to enter in your Merchant ID, your API username, and your API password. This will have been provided to you by a Lavu representative.


Card Reader Setup

The next step will ask you to name the credit card readers that you will be using. This should be something that you can easily identify like "Bar" or "Host Station". That way there is no question over which reader is which. If you had card readers previously enrolled into your account, the names of the card reader that were present before should automatically be filled in.


Tipping Options

The next step will ask you to how you plan to accept tips. This will determine the transaction type that you use, and the options that will be accessible. Select that you will be accepting tips at the time the transaction happens, or will be updating them later via a receipt that your customer will leave the tip on.

lp_tip_auth.png lp_tip_sale.png

If you selected that customers will be leaving their tip on a printed out receipt after the transaction has occurred, then you will have access to additional settings like, giving your servers access to adjust their own tips, and include gratuity/tip suggestions on receipts.

Signature Capture

Signature capture is a section that will only be visible if you previously selected On screen at time of sale. Otherwise, you can skip to the next section. Since signature capture is no longer required, you can choose to leave the setting Capture customer signature on iPad disabled.


Batching Options

This section will become available after a later release. This is one of the most important sections to fill out. On this screen, you will have the option to enable Auto Batching (Recommended) or not. If you choose to signup for automatic batching of your credit card transactions, you will also have the ability to set the time your batch occurs. It is recommended that you set the batch time at a time that your business is closed. That way, there is no chance of someone ringing in an order that will not be part of the night's batch.


Offline Mode

This is the most recent change to our credit card processing platform. These settings allow you to process card transactions, even when your internet connection, or connection to the Lavu cloud server, fails. You must enable the feature, and then agree to the terms and conditions detailed on this page.



After this step, you have completed setting up your Lavu Account with Lavu Pay. Remember, if you need any assistance with these steps, you can always reach our 24/7 technical support team at 855-528-8457, or by email at

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