Upgrading to Lavu 4 POS App

Here are the instructions to easily upgrade your Lavu POS App to Lavu 4. 

Upgrading the Lavu POS App

Lavu 4 is the name we have given to the next iteration of the Lavu POS App. We have focused heavily on improving your experience through product redesign and simplification. The Lavu 4 POS delivers:

  • A modern user interface
  • Simplified menu navigation
  • Conversational ordering 
  • Streamlined check printing 
  • Faster checkout
  • Offline Mode 

It's easy to upgrade to the latest version of the Lavu POS App. Just go to the App Store to download the Lavu 4 App.

  1. On the iPad, log out of the Lavu POS App.(Tap Lavu icon > Exit Location > Yes > Exit)
  2. Navigate to the Apple App Store application.
  3. Tap Search.
  4. Type in Lavu POS 4.
  5. Tap Search.
  6. Tap Get.
  7. Tap Install.
  8. Once installation finishes, return to your home screen.
  9. Launch the Lavu POS 4 app.
  10. Type in your username and password.



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