November 2019 Release Notes

Product Updates

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu.

Enhancement Highlights

💚 New tax and rounding enhancements with Lavu 4 app

💚 The My Account Page has been Redesigned with new Features


POS 4.1.8


New tax and rounding enhancements with Lavu 4 POS App

Taxes are now calculated and rounded at the item level. This helps support various item sales reports and eliminates rounding discrepancies.

Half-even rounding

When an item has a tax amount that landed exactly on 0.005 (half a cent), the app will round to the nearest even number.
$0.495 rounds to $0.50.
$0.485 rounds to $0.48.

Control Panel 4

My Account

The existing My Account feature of the Control Panel has been redesigned.  This redesign will address the following enhancements and new functionality for access level 3 and 4 users:

  1. New ability to add multiple payment methods to their Lavu billing 
  2. New functionality to manage their payment method; to set and change their default payment method, and to delete payment methods
  3. New ability to add an American Express payment method
  4. New ability to view credits and overdue billing details
  5. Redesigned feature to contact Lavu for support 
  6. Redesigned billing due details
  7. Redesigned invoice details and PDF invoices
  8. Removed the “Reoccurring” static label as it was not accurate and led to confusing subscription scenarios

Localization Spanish (Mexico)

Spanish (Mexico) language pack enhancements. This will provide Spanish localization for those language pack users in various sections of the control panel.

Bug Fixes

POS 4.1.8

  • Fixed a bug In the pizza creator that changed how pizza items were formatted when an optional modifier was added to the pizza.
  • Fixed a bug where an iDynamo credit card reader did not detect a card swipe, for a gift card payment,  after a PayPal reader was used to process another payment. 
  • Fixed a minor bug that occurred when receipts were printed from the tab or table layout and the incorrect tax was displayed.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes.

Control Panel

  • Fixed a minor bug where the start/end time filter was not being respected for some V2 reports.
  • Fixed a bug with filtering for inventory 2.

Control Panel 4 

  • Fixed a bug where the control panel crashed when a level 3 user was adjusting the work schedule and had a level 4 employee in the same work schedule.
  • Fixed an issue where an edit of an employee’s previous time card was required but was not allowed while that employee was currently clocked in.




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